Misfits Boxing

Updated on: October 11, 2023

Misfits Boxing is a groundbreaking venture that merges the thrill of boxing with the allure of internet celebrity culture. Spearheaded by YouTube sensation KSI and the Misfits Boxing entertainment group, it stages electrifying matches between popular online personalities, transforming traditional boxing events into a captivating blend of sports and digital entertainment. This innovative approach not only attracts a diverse audience but also redefines entertainment, making Misfits Boxing a pivotal player in the sports industry.

In the following sections, we’ll uncover how this phenomenon has revolutionized both the boxing world and internet fame, offering an unprecedented spectacle for fans worldwide.

What is Misfits Boxing?

Misfits Boxing is a crossover boxing promotion where YouTube personalities and professional boxers step into the ring to entertain a new wave of boxing enthusiasts. Founded by the English YouTuber KSI, and managed by Mams Taylor along with Kalle and Nisse Sauerland, it’s a realm where boxing gets a dash of digital era dazzle, making every bout a blend of athletic skill and charismatic showmanship. It’s not just a fight; it’s a show, where every punch thrown is a step away from tradition, and a leap towards a boxing experience that’s as modern as it is thrilling.

misfits logo

Quick key concept overview

  • Promotion Type: Crossover boxing promotion
  • Key Players:
    • Founder: English YouTuber KSI
    • Managers: Mams Taylor, Kalle and Nisse Sauerland
  • Unique Appeal: Blend of traditional boxing with digital era dazzle
  • Fighter Lineup: YouTube personalities and professional boxers
  • Event Character: Not just fights, but highly entertaining shows
  • Modern Twist: Every event is a leap towards a modern, thrilling boxing experience
  • Core Aim: To entertain a new wave of boxing enthusiasts with a fresh take on boxing
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Birth of Misfits Boxing

The inception of Misfits Boxing was a bold step into uncharted territories of the boxing world. The trio of visionaries behind this avant-garde venture saw a golden opportunity to marry the age-old art of boxing with the flashy appeal of digital stardom. Let’s break down how this trio of trailblazers came together to create a boxing sensation:

ksi Misfits boxing birth of
  • The Digital Dynamo: KSI, a YouTuber with a massive following, brought the allure of digital stardom. His knack for entertainment and the hunger for innovation were the spark that ignited the Misfits Boxing fire.
  • The Managerial Maestro: Mams Taylor, with a sharp eye for management, played a crucial role in orchestrating this boxing circus, ensuring every event is a spectacle worth watching.
  • The Boxing Bloodline: Kalle and Nisse Sauerland, the brothers with boxing in their veins, brought the essence of traditional boxing into the mix, adding a layer of authenticity and expertise.

Their combined vision was clear: to create a boxing promotion that breaks the mold, offering a blend of serious boxing and entertaining showmanship. The idea was to deliver a fresh, energetic vibe to the boxing scene, making it appealing to both the boxing purists and the new-age digital audience.

misfits boxing

Misfits Boxing kicked off with events that were nothing short of electrifying, drawing crowds who were keen to witness this new flavor of boxing. The blend of YouTube personalities with professional boxers in the ring, backed by a promotional style that’s as energetic as the fights themselves, made Misfits Boxing a talk-of-the-town kind of phenomenon.

As Misfits Boxing marches into the present, it’s not just about the bouts; it’s about delivering a fresh narrative of what boxing can be when spiced up with a bit of misfit magic.

Who Owns Misfits Boxing?

The ownership of Misfits Boxing reads like a roster of individuals who are as distinct in their expertise as they are united in their vision for a revolutionary boxing platform. Here’s a peek into the heavyweights behind this venture:


The YouTube Sensation

KSI, a name synonymous with digital stardom, holds a significant stake. His journey from a YouTuber to a boxer and now a co-founder of Misfits Boxing, showcases his relentless ambition to push the boundaries.

Mams Taylor

The Managerial Maven

Mams Taylor, not just a savvy manager but a singer-songwriter too, is the operational guru ensuring the gears of Misfits Boxing run smoothly.

Kalle and Nisse Sauerland

The Boxing Brothers

Kalle and Nisse Sauerland, heirs to a rich boxing legacy, bring a wealth of experience and a touch of traditional boxing prestige to the Misfits Boxing table.

Their collective aim? To craft a boxing spectacle that’s as engaging as it is authentic. Misfits Boxing is their answer to a growing appetite for a boxing experience that’s both exciting and accessible.

The ownership blend is a testimony to Misfits Boxing’s ethos – a marriage of traditional boxing know-how with modern-day digital appeal. It’s a concoction that’s not only redefining the boxing promotion game but is also setting the stage for a new breed of boxing enthusiasts.

DAZN & Misfits 5 yearPartnership

DAZN Group, the powerhouse in sports entertainment, has just teamed up with KSI, that huge social media sensation, and his crew at Misfits Boxing! Alongside the Sauerland brothers, Wasserman Boxing, and Proper Loud, this means we’ll get to see all of KSI’s epic battles and the sizzling MF & DAZN: X Series events ONLY on DAZN for the next half-decade. How cool is that? 🥊📺🔥

Read more about the partnership

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Unique Boxing Formats

MFB isn’t just throwing jabs in the dark; it’s lighting up the boxing stage with some pioneering formats. It’s where the traditional ten-count meets modern-day thrill, making every bout a nail-biter. Here’s a glimpse into the innovative boxing formats that set Misfits Boxing apart:

The unique style of match types

  • Tag Team Boxing:
    • A team of two steps into the ring, bringing a blend of strategy and camaraderie alongside raw boxing prowess.
    • The excitement doubles as fighters tag in and out, keeping the opponents and the audience on their toes.
  • Survivor Tag Matches:
    • A survival of the fittest with a boxing twist, where multiple boxers vie for dominance in a knockout-centric format.
    • Every punch could spell the end, making it a high-stakes, high-thrill format.

These formats don’t just add a flavor of novelty but also open up a realm of strategies, making every fight a chess match of fists. It’s a fresh way to experience boxing, one that’s as exciting for the new fans as it is intriguing for the seasoned boxing aficionados.

Misfits Boxing is not just revisiting the boxing rulebook; it’s rewriting it, adding pages that are as thrilling to read as they are to witness in the ring.

Champions of Misfits

Misfits Boxing has become a stage where champions are not just made; they’re celebrated with a dash of flamboyance that’s unique to the Misfits realm. Here’s a rundown of the champions who’ve etched their names in the Misfits Boxing hall of fame:

Misfits boxing champions

The following is a list of participants in Misfits Boxing events as gathered from various sources:


  • KSI:
    Fought Tommy Fury
    Fought FaZe Temperrr
    Notable English YouTuber turned boxer​
  • Tommy Fury:
    Fought KSI
    Known for his boxing lineage​
  • Logan Paul:
    Fought Dillon Danis
    Another prominent YouTuber in the boxing ring​
  • Dillon Danis:
    Fought Logan Paul
    A name making waves in the Misfits Boxing narrative
  • FaZe Temperrr:
    Fought KSI
    Brazilian YouTuber making his mark in the ring​
  • Idris Virgo:
    Fought Aaron Chalmers
    Showcased in the MF & DAZN: X Series​
  • Aaron Chalmers:
    Fought Idris Virgo
    Another participant in the MF & DAZN: X Series​

These fighters, coming from diverse backgrounds, including digital stardom and traditional boxing, have been part of the unique blend of entertainment and athleticism that Misfits Boxing aims to deliver. Their participation underscores the fusion of the digital era’s charm with the raw appeal of boxing, each bringing their unique flavor to the Misfits Boxing ring.

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When is the Next Misfits Boxing Event?

MFB boxing is all about keeping the momentum going with a series of enthralling events throughout the year. While the exact dates and events may vary, the promise of excitement remains a constant. Here’s a peek into some of the upcoming events on the Misfits Boxing calendar:

Misfits boxing events 14 october

Misfits & DAZN X Series 013 – Nashville

Sat, Mar 23 at 5:00-11:30 PM

Worldwide Stages 5000 Northfield Ln, Spring Hill, TN 37174, USA

For the most current information regarding the next MFB boxing event, be sure to check out the always up-to-date schedule. Whether you’re a die-hard boxing fan or a newcomer to the Misfits Boxing scene, there’s always something to look forward to on the horizon. Each event is a unique blend of traditional boxing and modern-day entertainment, promising a spectacle that’s as engaging as it is thrilling.

The venues are buzzing, the fighters are training, and the fans are waiting. Misfits Boxing is making sure 2024 remains a year of non-stop boxing action. So, mark your calendars, pick your events, and stay tuned for a year filled with boxing spectacles that promise to keep you on the edge of your seat!

Misfits Boxing in Digital Arena

In an era where digital presence is almost as significant as the physical, Misfits Boxing is throwing powerful punches both in the ring and online. The promotion has smartly harnessed the power of digital platforms to connect with fans, promote events, and build a community around the unique brand of boxing entertainment it offers. Here’s a glimpse into Misfits Boxing’s digital arena:

  • Official Website:
    • Your one-stop-shop for all official announcements, upcoming event schedules, fighter rankings, and much more. It’s the virtual home of Misfits Boxing where fans can stay updated on all the action.
  • YouTube Channel:
    • Boasting over 300,000 subscribers, this platform is a playground for boxing enthusiasts. From thrilling past fights to insightful interviews, it’s the spot for an online boxing binge.
  • Instagram Account:
    • With regular updates on upcoming events and a closer look at the fighters, Misfits Boxing’s Instagram is where the boxing community congregates to share their passion.
  • Facebook & Twitter:
    • Engage with posts, share your excitement, and catch the latest Misfits Boxing buzz on these platforms. It’s where the conversation continues beyond the ring.
  • TikTok:
    • Dive into quick, entertaining snippets of Misfits Boxing action. It’s where the tempo is as upbeat as the punches thrown in the ring.

Misfits Boxing is acing the digital game, ensuring that fans have multiple platforms to engage with the brand. It’s a smart blend of traditional boxing promotion with modern digital interaction, ensuring the boxing fever stays high, both online and offline.

The digital platforms not only keep the community updated but also foster a culture that transcends geographical boundaries, uniting boxing aficionados globally. Misfits Boxing has indeed crafted a digital realm where the love for boxing thrives, resonating with a global audience.

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Conclusion: A New Era of Boxing Entertainment

MFB boxing is not just a boxing promotion; it’s a phenomenon that’s redefining how we consume boxing entertainment. Through its innovative boxing formats, stellar line-up of fighters from diverse backgrounds, and a strong digital presence, Misfits Boxing is bridging the gap between traditional boxing and the modern digital audience.

With a jam-packed schedule of events, Misfits Boxing ensures that the thrill never fades. Whether you’re a boxing purist or a digital native discovering the sport, there’s something at Misfits Boxing for you. The promotion is not just about the bouts in the ring; it’s about creating a community that celebrates boxing in a new and exciting way.

By embracing digital platforms, Misfits Boxing is expanding the boxing community, making the sport more accessible and engaging for fans around the globe. It’s a fresh, modern take on boxing promotion that’s winning hearts and packing punches both in the ring and online.

The journey of Misfits Boxing is a testament to the evolving nature of sports entertainment. It’s a bold step into the future of boxing, promising a blend of traditional boxing allure with the engaging narrative of the digital age.

So, whether you are tuning in online or catching the action live, Misfits Boxing guarantees a knockout experience that will leave you coming back for more!


What is Misfits Boxing?

Misfits Boxing is a boxing promotion that often features internet personalities, influencers, and celebrities, focusing on unconventional yet entertaining boxing matches that attract a wide audience.

How did Misfits Boxing start and gain popularity?

Misfits Boxing gained popularity by capitalizing on the trend of influencer boxing matches. It started as a way to bring internet stars into the boxing ring, creating a new form of sports entertainment.

What makes Misfits Boxing different from traditional boxing?

Unlike traditional boxing, Misfits Boxing typically involves non-professional fighters, often with large online followings, bringing a unique entertainment aspect and a different audience to the sport.

Who are some notable participants in Misfits Boxing events?

Notable participants in Misfits Boxing events include internet personalities like KSI, Logan Paul, and Jake Paul, who have brought significant attention to these events through their online presence.

Are Misfits Boxing matches considered professional bouts?

While some Misfits Boxing matches may involve professional-level training and regulations, they are generally not considered professional boxing in the traditional sense due to the celebrity status of the participants.

What is the audience and cultural impact of Misfits Boxing?

Misfits Boxing appeals largely to younger audiences familiar with the internet stars involved. It has impacted boxing culture by introducing the sport to a new demographic and blending entertainment with athleticism.

How can one watch Misfits Boxing events?

Misfits Boxing events are often available through pay-per-view platforms, and some may be streamed on online platforms or broadcast on select sports networks.

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